History surrounds us !

Chateau d’Oche has a long and interesting past of which we are discovering more every day

In 1665 the first known occupants of Oche were Jean and Charles de Béroy of the Périgord Gentry followed by ‘Pierre de Beron d’oche’, the son of Charles

In the 19th century, the castle became the property of Master Louis Bourdery. A respected religious artist, he has streets named after him in Limoges and his work is widely available today. He and his family transformed Chateau d’Oche into what you see today.

Acquired by the State in 1947, the estate became a holiday colony for the children of the staff of the Ministry of Industry until 2006 when the estate and chateau were sold as a private property. After 18 months of renovations and uncovering of the historic features of the Chateau the current owner is delighted to now welcome guests.

Chateau D’Oche