Château Wing

We are delighted to offer our Chateau and South Wings to families, or groups as Holiday Rentals. Three Options are available depening on your requirements but all are renovated and decorated to the same high standard, and include everything you require for a relaxing holiday

South Wing – for up to 12 people, or for groups of up to 16 to including additional rooms

After a complete interior renovation of the South wing, aiming to restore the baroque aspect of its origins we are opening for its first season to guests wishing a holiday rental property. Our goal: to offer you quality accommodation in a unique setting combining the charm and the decor of the old with modern comforts

Chateau Wing -for larger groups of up to 25 people

Also completely renovated with the aim of restoring the baroque aspect of its origins, and highlighting the unique features we are delighted to also offer this spacious guest rental property for larger groups. Our goal: to offer your group quality accommodation in a unique property, combining the charm and the decor of the old with modern comfort

Chateau D’Oche